Here at Carbonaddons LLC, we offer many different type of products for American made cars. As of today August 2023, we have 3 different type of products all made with real carbon fiber. Our overlays, our covers, and our customizable parts. Now what's the difference between the 3 you might ask?


As mentioned above, all our parts are made with real carbon fiber. The only difference is how we make them and what epoxy we use.
For our overlays, we use 2x2 twill, Honey Comb, or Forge carbon fiber and top it with flexible resin. This allows us to make carbon fiber parts for much cheaper compared to our other method of making carbon fiber. Our overlays are just flat carbon fiber, meaning we don't need molds to make the parts, only an outline. This flat carbon fiber is then added with double sided tape in the back and topped with flexible resin. Installing this piece requires bending the part to contour to the shape of the area it is being installed on which can be done within minutes.

Check out our carbon fiber overlays here


Unlike our overlays, our carbon fiber covers are made using prepreg carbon fiber. Prepreg carbon fiber is a type of carbon fiber that has already had the activated resin impregnated into the carbon fiber. Making our covers requires a mold where the prepreg carbon fiber is placed, vacuumed and placed into an auto-clave oven which hardens and cures the epoxy. This means that our carbon fiber covers are hard and are already molded to fit the specific shape of the part it is being installed on. Our covers are preferred by some people because it is thinner than our overlays and covers more of the surface area of parts with a lot of curvatures.

Check out our carbon fiber covers here


Our customizable carbon fiber parts are made to order and are built to our customer's own specification and needs. One of our most popular customizable parts are our carbon fiber steering wheels. Our customizable parts start as a stock part, which is then stripped and rebuilt. This means that our customizable parts have a perfect, direct replacement, OEM fitment since we are taking a stock part from the manufacturer and just customizing it and covering it in carbon fiber or any other material requested such as leather or alcantara. We can almost customize any parts that are sent to us using this method. While it is much more expensive than our overlays and covers since these are hand made, a lot of people prefer this method because they have more options on in materials and colors. You can check out our other blog here to see how our customizable steering wheels are made.

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