2016-2024 Camaro Carbon Fiber Exterior Bow tie Covers

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Part of our Carbonaddons lineup of Real Carbon Fiber Exterior Molded Covers, this carbon fiber front and rear bow tie covers are a great way to add some accent to the Exterior of your 6th Gen 2016-2024 Chevy Camaro

    Item Type: Molded cover
    Fitment: Seamless non-bulky Fitment
    Material: Made out Of 100% REAL genuine Carbon Fiber
    Installation: Easily installed within minutes via included double sided tape
    Color: As shown in picture


    2016-2023 Chevrolet Camaro (Note* Does not fit front bumper flow ties)

    Package List:
    1pc or 2pcs carbon fiber bowtie emblem cover that goes over your stock emblem.

    Installation method:
    1. Clean the location of the installation with isopropyl/rubbing alcohol before proceeding to ensure that any grease, wax or dust etc is removed.
    2. Please ensure that the product completely fits before proceeding with installation. (Note: if there are any questions or if the product does not fit properly, please contact us)
    3. Remove the high strength double-sided adhesive from the back of the cover. In the case of a relatively low temperature, heat installation location, and adhesive with a hair dryer or a heat gun on low setting and maximize the effectiveness of the adhesive.
    4. Carefully place the product in desired location and press down for about 1-2 minutes,
    5. The installation is complete


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